10 year old girl hacker details exploit in mobile games

Here is either the cutest or most disturbing story out of DefCon 19, on the heels of the Black Hat conference, also in Las Vegas. An unnamed 10 year old girl going by the handle CyFi (sounds like a TV network) got tired of waiting for crops to grow on her tablet, so she changed the system time. Boom, instant crops and full sized animals. Not all games fall for this, but CyFi did say disconnecting the tablet from WiFi helped the exploit.

[Vicious hacker that brought down HBGary might be teen girl and Girls rule at Google Science Fair]

Not to be a hater, but this could be a hoax. Young CyFi, name withheld because of her tender young age, sounds too good to be true. She supposedly performed an improvised, 10-minute long spoken word piece for an audience of 1,000 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and is a start-ranked downhill skier. Would they give out those kinds of details if they really wanted to keep her identity a secret? Maybe, but I have some dubiousity about this story.

Real or "heightened reality," the story has made some big news. Opinions on cute girl hackers always include some doozies. Another cute/disturbing fact: DefCon Kids was started to accommodate all the DefCon hackers now with families.

Way to go, baby hacker

But could you think of something like that when you were 10 years old? Wrong_Number on cnet.com
Changing the clock, no. Repeatedly changing the clock in small increments so as to circumvent a programmatic method implemented to stop the abuse, yes. Just because it is simple doesn't mean it isn't a hack. In fact, if you go all the way back to the earliest definition as in "an elegant hack" the simpler and more obvious but not thought of, the better. Tom 13 on theregister.co.uk
This girl, is a hacker, in the traditional, responsible, good sense of the word, and she deserves the acknowledgement. Snowkestrel on dvice.com

That's a newsworthy hack?

How is this anything new???? Changing the system clock to trick programs??? aussieghump on cnet.com
I was impressed until I read the detail and realised that I'm sure I did similar things to this in the days when software came with 30 day trials. Ian Yates on theregister.co.uk
This was the first time someone has talked about this. Nope. It is listed as one of the cheats for "Zombie Farm". My family learned of this about a year ago off of web sites after searching for "Zombie Farm cheats" Lee on dvice.com

Random fun

Now, if she could find a way to nuke farms (from orbit, eventually) I'd sign up to farmville just to nuke my friend's farms and make them stop bothering me with "please click here to give me more cows" idiocy. Kurgan on theregister.co.uk
So now they're handing out awards for plain old " CHEATING " . borzech on cnet.com
OK so this girl is getting fame and and slaps on the back and "good job" for cheating at a game.... Anyone else see something wrong with that? idvice on dvice.com

What did you do newsworthy at age 10?

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