South Sudan gets own 'ss' domain

CIO East Africa –

South Sudan, the World's newest country, got its country domain today. South Sudan's online presence will be donated by '.ss'. The country became independent on 14 July 2011 following a peace agreement in 2005 that ended a secession war with the Republic of Sudan.

Prior to the new domain, the country relied on the Republic of Sudan's '.sd' domain. Registration for the '.sd' domain was only allocated to the top hierarchy of companies, organizations or individuals. Second level hierarchies were also available with '' for companies, '' for network providers and Internet service providers, '' for non-governmental organizations, '' for academic institutions, '' for government and agencies and '' for news organizations.

South Sudan is yet to give guidance on the domain to clarify if it will allow top level hierarchy domains and what second level hierarchy extensions it would allow.

Prior to the secession of South Sudan, Sudan had about 4.2 million Internet users, 70 Internet service provider, one submarine fiber optic link. Both countries had an estimated population of 45 million with South Sudan having an estimated population of 8,260,000. The South though has limited infrastructure development with most of the infrastructure, including communication infrastructure, belonging to the North (Republic of Sudan).

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