Breakfast links: RIM held back by hockey?

Also: Don't like the TouchPad? We'll improve it!

Source: tjshirey/Flickr

•Who will save RIM? Perhaps it will be the company's loyal customers -- by which we mean not the actual users of the phones (they're defecting to Apple and Android in droves) but the carriers who would rather that users' business relationship be with the carriers, not Apple or an Android handset maker. Meanwhile, RIM will release a slew of new BlackBerry phones "in coming months," and some are suggesting that Jim Balsillie's obsession with owning a hockey team might have something to do with their problems. [NYT/Guardian/The Street]

Those who were underwhelmed by the HP TouchPad, rejoice! A upgraded version is coming out in August, with 4G connectivity and a new faster processor. [SlashGear]

It isn't news that Microsoft is trying to get everyone off of Windows XP. But did you now that they're trying to get everyone off of Vista as well? [El Reg]

Rise of the Machines: Scientists in England are teaching computers how to read natural language. Right now they're only using their skills to improve their video game prowess, but who knows where it will end up? TG Daily

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