Breakfast links: Hacking Murdoch newspaper gets hacked

Also: Apple to make gobs of money again, probably!


•Wait, didn't LulzSec quit the lulz-generating hacking business? Apparently the temptation to pile on to the British phone-hacking scandal was just too great. The hacker collective briefly broke into the Website of the the Sun tabloid to announce the death of press baron Rupert Murdoch. (Murdoch is alive, and scheduled to appear before Parliament to discuss the illegal behavior of journalists working for his papers.) [El Reg]

Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, thinks that nobody will have time to really play with Google+ because they already have Facebook for fun social networking and LinkedIn for professional social networking Twitter for microblogging, and that's all you can do, social-network-wise. [BI]

•Students will now be able to rent, and annotate, Kindle textbooks, sez Amazon. [CNet]

Apple will be announcing its earnings this evening, and the consensus is: gangbuster iPad sales will more than make up for a blah quarter for the iPhone. [Bloomberg]

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