LulzSec says it will release hacked Murdoch email archive

Hacker collective claims it broke into News International email database

As my ITworld colleague Josh Fruhlinger wrote Tuesday morning, the hacker collective LulzSec broke into the website of one of Rupert Murdoch's rags, the Sun tabloid, to announce the death of the embattled media baron.

(Also see: LulzSec won't go away; posts emails of 90K troops under the name Anonymous)

All fun and games, to be sure -- after all, Rupe is still breathing and at this very moment being grilled by members of Britain's Parliament about the News of the World phone hacking scandal that has triggered the resignation of News International CEO and former NoTW editor Rebekah Brooks, Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton and at least two members of Scotland Yard. But the real fun may be yet to come.

(Update: Murdoch tells Parliament that this is the "most humble day of my life." Rupert, you dolt, a day can't be humble! Who wrote your statement, some Page 3 girl?)

From The Register:

Sabu, a prominent member of LulzSec, said via Twitter that the group was sitting on emails from News International that it planned to release on Tuesday.

If Sabu says it, you know it must be true!

And you know what else is true? Brooks needs to brush up on proper computer security procedures! According to The Register, while serving as The Sun's editor from 2003 to 2009, Brooks apparently used as her work email password "63000" -- the same number provided by the rag for telephone tipsters! How dumb is that?

LulzSec also has posted the mobile phone numbers of some News International bigwigs, but the real treasure trove -- assuming Sabu is being straight with us -- will be the emails. Could there be some smoking guns in there? We should know soon.

Don't let us down, Sabu.

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