iPhone owners, iPhones should rent a room

Survey shows Americans' disturbing attachment to their mobile phones, particularly Apple's

The iPhone and its owner sitting in a tree...

Many Americans would give up basic necessities to spend more time with the love of their lives -- their mobile phones.

And no one is as lovestruck as the typical iPhone owner, according to a July survey of more than 500 mobile phone users by TeleNav, a provider of consumer-based location services.

Get this:

* 43% of iPhone users would be more willing to go without shoes than their smartphone for a week (versus 27% of Android owners and 25% of BlackBerry users)

* iPhone users were twice as likely as Android users to have spent more than $40 on applications for their current phone

* 83% of iPhone users believe the best romantic partners for them are other iPhone users (We have so much in common!) This compares to 70% of Android users feeling the same about their fellow smartphone users, and 48% of BlackBerry users.

* 40% of iPhone users would be willing to give up their toothbrush for a week in lieu of their iOS squeeze (versus the overall average of 22%)

* More than a third of iPhone users said they frequently use their phone at the dinner table, versus 21% of Android users and 15% of BlackBerry users

Here are some more general findings about mobile phone users in the U.S. Draw your own conclusions about what it all means for the future of our society:

* one out of three respondents "would be more willing to give up sex for a week than their mobile phone." (70% of those people were women)

* 55% would be more willing to give up caffeine for a week, 63% would be more willing to give up chocolate, and 70% would be willing to forego alcohol than their mobile phones

* 54% of all respondents say they'd be more willing to give up exercise for a week than their mobile phones

Given that we're seeing record levels of obesity in the U.S., I'm surprised that last number isn't much higher.

FInally, here's one of my favorites:

* Smartphone users were three times more likely to say they judge people based on the type of phone they carry.

It's great that technology has helped people get past all the superficialities and petty differences that divide us.

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