Great news for Apple lovers: Now you can hold hands with your iPhone!

New protective case for iPhone 4 comes with fake human hand attached

iphone_hand_290x218.jpgSource: Strapya World

"Look at those two holding hands. Now that's true love!"

Usually that's the kind of thing one hears (or says) when talking about two people walking together, fingers intimately intertwined.

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But as we all know, there now exists in our world a greater, more profound passion: That of an Apple fanboy (or girl) for their beloved iPhone.

Now iPhone owners will have another way to express their feelings for the Apple smartphone -- with the Dokkiri Hand Case for iPhone 4.

It's a iPhone 4 case with a fake (but real-looking) human hand attached to it.

The Dokkiri Hand Case for iPhone 4 is made in Japan and can be purchased for $64 starting next month from Strapya World (though you can order it now!).

Here's what Strapya World has to say about the product:

Why would you want a hand on your iPhone 4, right? Well, believe it or not, this Hand iPhone 4 case could actually come in "handy". As shown on the picture on the right, you could hold hands with your iPhone to make sure you don't drop it. Or if you are feeling really lonely, this case may reach out to you and give you company. Okay, I am done. This case is crazy. This case is creepy. And for some people, this case is absolutely awesome.

The Dokkiri Hand Case for iPhone 4 comes in two models: Kid's hand and Lady's hand.

Strapya World informs us that the latter was "actually made from our COO's wife's hand. Don't get any creepy ideas, guys. She is taken."

Um, sounds like you guys already had the creepy idea. Just sayin'

H/T to MSNBC's Gadgetbox

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