Breakfast links: Hacking rampage goes international

Plus: Google helps you manage your online identity

•Hackers apparently associated with Anonymous have gone after a number of sites associated with the Malaysian government, which had taken moves to shut down fire-sharing sites. The Malaysians seemed a bit hurt to have been targets: "We feel sad and upset by their actions," said Consumer Affairs Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob. "We are not like China. There is no restrictions. You can see people criticize the government on the Internet." [AFP]

•Meanwhile, LulzSec brought down the CIA's Website! Or maybe they didn't? It all depends on how you interpret the goofy Lulz-speak on the group's Twitter feed. [IBT]

•It turns out that 150,000 more accounts were compromised in the attack on CitiGroup than were originally thought. [CNN]

Google has quietly released a new tool that will help you manage what people see about you when they search for you on Google, though beyond helping you remove embarrassing photos from Picasa, there's not much they can do directly. [Search Engine Watch]

Duke Nukem Forever isn't terrible, it just ... should have been an iPad game! Yeah, that's it. [Beta News]

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