Evolution of Doctor Who Title Sequences

A history of TV graphics as well

I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who episodes lately (thank you, Netflix!) and have always wondered about the title sequences that the show uses, with the vortex, the TARDIS flying through space, and the opening music. I also remember watching some Doctor Who as a child in the '70s, and was always creeped out by the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, suddenly appearing in the vortex during the opening sequence.

Here's a video showing an evolution of the different openings, the inclusion of the floating heads, different font changes and musical changes that occurred in the show's almost 50-year history. Includes captioned commentary too, very nice touch!

Thankfully, the new series that started in 2005 have done away with the Doctor's floating heads, not sure I would have enjoyed watching Christopher Eccleston's face running through the vortex...

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