Morning links: Intel starts to panic over Windows on ARM

Plus: Facebook photos secured legally if not actually

Intel, whose chips have been notably absent from the smartphone and tablet revolutions, has unveiled a host of planned Intel tablets. The company also declared testily that, in Microsoft's planned ARM version of Windows 8,, users won't be able to run their favorite applications on it despite Microsoft's promise of a "Windows 7 compatibility mode." (Apple solved this problem without too much fuss when it moved from PowerPC to x86, but never mind that for the moment.) [El Reg/Fox]

Facebook has landed a patent on identifying people in photographs via tagging. [BNET]

•Speaking of Facebook pictures, an Australian journalist was arrested when he received hacked Facebook photos during the course of writing an article about how easy it is to hack Facebook photos. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Amazon's cloud servers! When they're not going down, they're (allegedly) being used for attacks that cause Sony's servers to go down. [Bloomberg]

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