Fantastic facts about Apple apps

As iTunes store hits milestone, trio of app-related companies post highlights chart

Early Tuesday morning, Apple's iTunes app store crossed a remarkable threshold: It approved its 500,000th app.

Now, that doesn't mean you can log on today and download a half-million different apps from the store (though some hardcore fanboy completists may want to try). As Fortune's Apple 2.0 blogger Philip Elmer-DeWitt points out, "attrition, replacement and withdrawal" have pushed down the number of currently available apps in the iTunes store to about 400,000.

Still not too shabby, especially given that the store was opened in July 2008, less than three years ago.

To commemorate this latest milestone, three companies -- iOS apps news and review site 148apps, games developer Chillingo (a division of Electronic Arts) and apps search engine Chomp -- have banded together to post a "snapshot of today's App Store landcape" in the form of a fact-filled infograph.

You can see the infograph in all its glory on this Facebook page, but I've listed a few interesting nuggets below:

Percentage of apps that are free: 37

Average price for paid apps: $3.64

Paid app spending most time at No. 1: Angry Birds (275 days)

Value of all currently available apps: $891,982.24 (sorry, completists)

Total iTunes store apps downloads as of January: more than 10 billion

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