White iPhone 4 finally on the way?

Plans for a US launch by end of the month, no word on international launch

Customers in the US will be able to get their hands on a white iPhone 4 by the end of April, it has been claimed.

Bloomberg reports that an anonymous source has claimed it'll be available to customers of AT&T and Verizon by the end of the month.

According to the source, a number of manufacturing issues have held up the release of the white iPhone 4, which was supposed to launch alongside the black iPhone 4 in July 2010, including paint that peeled under extremes of heat.

It had been speculated by no less than Steve Wozniak that paint was part of the problem back in January, though Woz reckoned it was letting too much light in to the body of the phone, ruining photographs and videos captured by the device's camera.

No information about an international launch for a white iPhone 4 emerged from Bloomberg's source, however.

Apple has already confirmed that the launch of the white iPhone 4 will, in fact, happen in the spring of 2011. One or two network operators - Orange and Three in the UK - jumped the gun slightly by adding the white iPhone 4 option to their websites in January, though no official announcement had been made at that point.

Last month, Apple's Phil Schiller again confirmed a spring launch for the white iPhone 4, calling it a "beauty".

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 - which was initially thought to be getting a debut at the WorldWide Developer Conference in June - may not arrive in 2011, recent speculation suggests.

This story, "White iPhone 4 finally on the way?" was originally published by Macworld U.K..

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