Learn 47 years of Doctor Who in 6 minutes

Get the history of the British sci-fi series without renting a lot of DVDs

The Fine Brothers do a great job (more than fine, I'd say) of compressing a lot of information into a short period of time on their YouTube channel (a must subscribe!).

In anticipation of the April 23rd debut of the new season of Doctor Who on BBC America, the brothers have created this video, "Doctor Who: 47 Years in 6 Minutes", which gives highlights and events of the 11 doctors in the show's existence, and what possibly is going on.

As a sci-fi geek and fan, for some reason I never got into Doctor Who as much as Star Wars, Star Trek and other series - I blame watching some of the Tom Baker episodes on my local PBS channel in the mid-'70s and being freaked out by some of the aliens. But I have several geek friends who love the show and talk about it constantly.

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