Eric Schmidt's salary goes from $1 to $1.25 million

Google executive chairman also in line for annual bonuses of up to $6 million

Great. Now Steve Jobs will want a similar pay hike.

Eric Schmidt, who like the Apple co-founder has long been paid an annual salary of $1 as chief executive of his company, will now draw base pay of $1.25 million annually in his role as executive chairman of search giant Google.

(Also see: The best theory about why Schmidt is stepping aside) The Wall Street Journal reports that Schmidt, who handed over the CEO reins to Google co-founder Larry Page earlier this month, also is in line for yearly bonuses of up to $6 million. It gets better for Schmidt. From the WSJ:

As of January, Schmidt owned 9.2 million Google shares, which were valued at nearly $5.8 billion and represented 9.6% of the company’s voting power, according to a securities filing.

There's more: Schmidt also will get $25 million annually for the next four years as part of an equity award granted in January, which the WSJ reports "was considered highly unusual for a sitting CEO." Sitting, standing or lying down, I'd say. Google announced in late January that Schmidt would step aside from the CEO post he has held for a decade. At the time, Schmidt said Page and Google co-founder Sergey Brin no longer needed "adult supervision" -- nice, since they're both in their late 30s, and I think they even started shaving! But many industry observers wondered if the move was related to growing concerns about Google's ability to compete in a social networking world and criticisms about cloddish statements by Schmidt regarding user privacy.

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