Apparently Dell plans to release a bunch of Android tablets

Alleged product road map shows a lot of Honeycomb and a Windows smartphone

Web site Android Central claims it has received 2011 product road maps for tablets and smartphones from a "very reliable tipster." (Dell nearly triples profits in fourth quarter) So what bombshell info did the tipster drop on Android Central? How about Dell is releasing four Android-powered tablets over the next four quarters! "According to the roadmap, we should expect the Dell Gallo, a Honeycomb tablet, sometime around April of this year. That will be followed by the Dell Sterling, running Honeycomb in Q4. We also have the Dell Opus One and Dell Silver Oak (best name ever!) for sometime in Q1 of 2012." Such enthusiasm! There's more. Dell also plans to release a couple of Android smartphones later in the year running something called Ice Cream, which is a post-Honeycomb version of Google's mobile OS. But the "very reliable tipster" also was a generous tipster, laying a Windows smartphone product roadmap on Android Central's sister site, WP Central. Alas, it's a brief map, with just one new WP7 phone shipping, the Dell Wrigley, presumably in July. Wording on the roadmap ("Windows Phone 7 Next Gen") leads WP Central to suspect Wrigley will ship with an upgrade. All this tipstering hasn't done much for shares of Dell (NASDAQ: DELL), which were down 25 cents, or 1.6 percent, to 15.31. Dell shares spiked on Wednesday after the company released a strong quarterly earnings report following Tuesday's market close (see link above).

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