3D gaming hitting Sony's PS3 tomorrow

Sony has announced that 3D gaming is coming to its PS3 game console starting tomorrow. Immediately available will be 3D updates to four older games: MotorStorm Pacific Rift (an off-road racing game), Super Stardust HD (dual-joystick shooter), Pain (a rather twisted puzzle-game that has you flinging characters into a cityscape to cause as much damage as possible) and WipEout HD (futuristic racing). Further Sony has announced that its upcoming motion-controlled boxing game The Fight: Lights Out, will not only support the Playstation Move but will be available in 3D as well.

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Of course in addition to your Playstation 3, you'll also need 3D glasses and transmitter plus a 3D-capable TV. I'd be really interesting in knowing what percentage of Playstation 3 owners are equipped to experience 3D gaming. Ironically even Sony isn't quite ready to deliver what you need. They've announced 3D Bravia TVs are now available for pre-orders but won't be delivered until next month. I'd be even more interesting in knowing what percentage of gamers are truly excited about 3D games. Right now it feels like Sony is trying to create demand where none exists. Personally I'd rather see game developers putting processing power into making better 2D games rather than tweaking their gaming engines so they can produce twice as many frames per second in order to support 3D for whatever small percentage of the audience are running on 3D-capable home entertainment systems. But maybe that's just me. Prove me wrong; leave a comment letting us know that you're all set, and psyched for, 3D gaming.

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