More Verizon hardware leaks, and Adobe is lovin' on Android

Today we've got some follow-up info for the Verizon gameplan post from last week, and some solid Android news from Adobe. Let's start with that Samsung tablet, which we now suspect is called the Galaxy Tab. Electronista has uncovered some (unconfirmed) specs based on leaked firmware. The Tab will have an 800x480 screen (basically the same resolution as a typical smartphone) and a 1 Ghz processor. It'll have a 3.2 megapixel back-facing camera, and a low-res (320x240) front facing camera. It'll ship with some version of Flash but Electronista was unable to determine if that meant Android 2.2 (FroYo) and Flash 10.1 for Android, or some 'lite' version of Flash. Bottom line, assuming these specs are accurate, is that the Galaxy Tab won't be the ultimate Android tablet, but hopefully it'll be an affordable alternate to its soon-to-come more powerful brethren.

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The other tablet mentioned last week, the one coming from Motorola, is being called the StingRay, according to DroidLife. Whether that's a code name or its consumer name, we don't yet know. The name came from a cached Spanish Verizon page that someone dug up. No specs yet, just a name. That was actually part 2 of the Verizon leaks yesterday. The first part reinforced Droid Pro and Motorola Tablet rumors, and came from Boy Genius Report. An inside source at Verizon coughed up information indicating that the Droid Pro was scheduled for a November release, and offered the model number of the Motorola tablet. As interesting as it is to hear all these leaks it makes me wonder what impact they have on sales of current models. How many customers who were considering a Droid 2 will now opt to wait just a few months for the Droid Pro? And by then will we have more leaks for even better phones coming in early 2011? At what point does Verizon's enthusiasm for bringing us the fastest, cutting edge Android handsets turn into consumer confusion? Are we there already? Anyway, on to what Adobe had for us yesterday. First, Flash 10.1 final is out for the Nexus One and presumably it's coming for other phones very soon. I know that Motorola is pushing a second Froyo update to Droids starting on Wednesday and that update is supposed to either contain or support Flash 10.1. Looking farther into the future, Adobe Air is coming to late model Android devices sometime in Q4 of this year. Android Central's Phil Nickinson was at the Adobe Android Summit yesterday and captured the video below. I'm not sure how significant AIR is on phones, but once you have the real estate of an Android Tablet, all those AIR apps that you run on your PC or Mac should be able to transition over to a tablet with very little effort.

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