Sony to announce music & video subscription service tomorrow?

So we all know Apple is having its big music/TV event tomorrow, and most eyes are turned in that direction. But tonight we have a piece in the Financial Times suggesting that Sony is going to try to steal some of Apple's thunder, and announce a music and video subscription service sometime before the Apple event. The FT says this service will initially run on Sony's Playstation 3 and Playstation Portal gaming systems and then spread to Sony televisions, Blu-ray players, Walkmen, and Sony Erricson phones. [Update: It's called Qriocity and it'll be available in Europe sometime this fall.]

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Even if the announcement happens, I'm not sure how much it'll impact Apple, but a service like this could be a good weapon in the Playstation line's ongoing struggle with the Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. It's certainly an exciting time for streaming media. Other news today suggests that Apple's iTV (expected to be announced tomorrow at the event) will support Netflix Streaming (frankly I'd be more surprised if it didn't, given how ubiquitous Netflix Streaming is on internet-attached devices, and the fact that there's already a Netflix app for iPhones and iPads) and that Amazon is considering its own subscription service.

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