Google counter-screws Scroogle

The Scroogle privacy-obsessed proxy for Google search was broken by Google's recent changes.

A "Google scraper" called Scroogle no longer functions, thanks to changes made by Google recently to how its search engine works.

Scroogle has existed for years as an alternative interface to the Google search engine, but one that prevented Google from capturing user data and also encrypted all communications between the user and the Google service to hide it from snoops, such as employers. Scroogle worked as a browser plug-in.

According to a statement by Daniel Brandt, who created and maintained Scroogle and Google Watch, the "Google scraper may have to be permanently retired, thanks to a change at Google." The message closed with this: "Thank you for your support during these past five years. Check back in a week or so; if we don't hear from Google by next week, I think we can all assume that Google would rather have no Scroogle, and no privacy for searchers, at all."

Unless you use Ixquick, an alternative to Scroogle, which still works.

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