Google has the best reputation of any company in the world - report

The company came out on top in a survey that measures how much companies are liked, trusted, and respected. Do you agree?

An organization called the Reputation Institute unveiled results from their annual consumer survey that measures the reputations of 600 of the world's most prominent companies. Number 1 on the list: Google! The survey asks questions to determine which companies are most -- and least -- liked, trusted, and respected by the general public in 24 countries. Does Google belong on the top of this list?

The survey tallied up the data to arrive at a numerical store for overall reputation. Google earned 78.62 points, followed very closely by Sony (78.47), Disney (77.97), BMW (77.77), Mercedes (76.83), Apple (76.29) and Nokia (76.00).

Other tech companies high on the list included Intel at #10, Microsoft at #11, Panasonic at #13, IBM at #17 and HP at #18.

Interestingly, although Google won worldwide overall, each region picked a different winner. Disney topped the list in Asia; Sony was #1 in Central Europe; Nestle topped Central and South America; Johnson & Johnson topped the North American list and Google topped only the Northern European list, which is ironic considering that Google is undergoing scrutiny in Europe for antitrust issues.

Stepping back and looking at the big picture, does Google deserve to be named the most reputable company in the world? Let's hear your opinion in the comments.

Here's the Reputation Institute's press release.

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