Syabas Popbox to compete with Roku & Boxee Box?

It looks like the Roku and Boxee Box set-top devices are getting some more competition later this winter, in the form of the Popbox, from Syabas. The story from Electronista says that the Popbox will handle streaming content from both local sources and the internet, including Netflix, and will be able to handle 1080P content. It goes on sale in March and will cost $129.

On paper, it sounds like the Popbox will combine the capabilities of the Roku and the Boxee Box into one device for the same price as the top end Roku, and substantially less than the estimated $200 price for D-Link's Boxee Box.

One interesting quote from the Electronista article: "The changes are dramatic enough that the Popcorn Hour [Syabas' current device] could be considered a "beta" for what the Popbox has become, the company tells Electronista." I'm not sure remarks like that are the best way to ensure the loyalty of your current customers, as this thread in their support forums demonstrates.

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