WSJ says iTablet will cost $1000....maybe

Only Apple knows for sure

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal stirred the Apple Tablet waters when it announced that Apple would introduce a 10 to 11" tablet device on January 27th and that the price would be $1000. Of course that kind of sticker shock drew lots of attention.

But TechCrunch's MC Siegler noticed something odd over the course of the day. The WSJ went back and changed its online article. Specifically this line, from near the top of the article, was removed:

Analysts currently believe an Apple tablet will be priced at about $1,000, possibly including a subscription to a nationwide Wi-Fi wireless service.

And this section was added, much farther down:

A key factor for the tablet’s success will be price. Yair Reiner, an analyst for Oppenheimer & Co., said in a research note last month that the tablet would be priced at about $1,000, citing sources. One challenge: Apple’s MacBook laptops start at $999.

There were other changes as well, and I refer you to the original TechCrunch article to learn about those.

Siegler suggests that change was made because so many bloggers were reporting that the WSJ had definitively announced a price. He goes on to suggest that Apple might be leaking numbers to the press in order to get us all used to such a high price. Then on January 27th if they announce an $800 price, it'll seem cheap in comparison. We all just saved $200!

If you've got it in your head that the iTablet will definitely cost $1000, it's worth your time to read Siegler's post.

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