Another day, another handful of Apple tablet rumors

Another day, another handful of Apple rumors. There's no use fighting it; this is the big story for the week.

So let's see what's new. A fellow named Dustin Curtis leaked some purported images of the Tablet. A comment-storm followed and picked up strength when TechCrunch ran the story. Users hotly debated the validity of the images, many claiming to find evidence of photoshopping. All of which I found pretty amusing giving that the images showed a fairly generic looking slate device in a powered-off state. Certainly there was nothing controversial about the images.

Over at Electronista a pair of posts discussed Verizon, AT&T and Apple. One suggests that January 27th marks the end of AT&T's exclusivity agreement for carrying the iPhone while a second claims that Verizon has scheduled its retail manager's briefing for the same time as the Apple event. The notification asks managers to watch a live webcast which starts at exactly the same time as the Apple event. A big coincidence or evidence of a Verizon iPhone reveal on Wednesday? Or perhaps 3G coverage for the tablet from Verizon?

Bouncing back over to TechCrunch, they have a post up suggesting that the tablet will launch with the Barnes & Noble book store either baked in or as a featured app that comes pre-loaded on the device. (As far as I can tell this post is almost pure speculation on the part of TechCrunch's Erick Schonfeld.) It's an interesting post; many rumors suggest this device will be based around entertainment: games, movies, music, magazines and books. The first three categories all come from the Apple store. Would Apple be comfortable partnering with Barnes & Noble to distribute the lion's share of magazines and books? Of course assuming the device runs iPhone OS there'll already be the Kindle for iPhone app available. If nothing else this is interesting speculation.

Lastly, VentureBeat reports on a survey offered to application developers and apparently they're really excited about the idea of building something for the tablet. 90% of respondents said they were interested in building an app. Apparently they haven't received the memo from Jobs & Co. that this is an entertainment device though: the respondents said they were most interested in creating business and productivity apps. In any event, I think it's safe to say that there'll be developer support for whatever Apple reveals tomorrow.

One more day, folks. Hang in there!

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