Apple Tablet leaks, both real and phony

So the day is finally here. The day everything changes! The day media is saved! The day the Apple Tablet arrives! (Yes, that hyperbole is meant sarcastically.) But I can't deny I'm excited to see how many of the rumors pan out. The expectations have grown to a point where I think it's nearly impossible for Apple to meet them all, but we'll see.

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The big news from yesterday is McGraw-Hill CEO Terry McGraw talking about the tablet on CNBC. He very definitely says that they're launching a tablet today, it'll run iPhone OS, and most of McGraw-Hill's library of e-books will be available on it. In case you missed the clip I'll embed it below. He mentions the tablet at around the 2:50 mark. Jason Calacanis had some fun 'leaking' details on Twitter. CrunchGear was momentarily fooled and listed the Calacanis's data points. I'm not really faulting them for getting caught up in the hype, but some of the "details" are pretty far out there. A solar pad for charging on the back, a customized Farmville app to be demoed by Jobs, and a storage-hungry DVR built in? That's some pretty silly stuff. Engadget leaked more images. Could these be real? I hope not; the tablet they show looks pretty chunky to me. Maybe it's a prototype? I can't imagine Apple releasing a device with a halo of screws around its perimeter (though Engadget seems to think those are bolts and that the tablet is bolted to the table). Anyway I'm personally hoping for something a bit slimmer and as a result, lighter. If Apple expects me to be reading newspapers, books and magazines on the thing, I want to be able to hold it comfortably in one hand for long periods of time, Just a few more hours, and then all will be known. In order to pass the time, you might be interested in VentureBeat's look at the tablet competition. It's a nice round-up of a dozen other tablet-like devices headed to market. It's good to know Apple will have some competition.

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