Twitter cleans house, aids newbies

If you just lost a bunch of Followers on Twitter, don't fret. It isn't because no one loves you. It's because Twitter did some tweaking and some house cleaning. For the most part, this will impact people with a lot of Followers. Apparently the number of Followers shown on your profile page didn't match the number of Followers you would have found if you took the time to count them by hand. A few more details can be found on the Twitter status page.

And as long as we're talking Twitter, Kara Swisher at All Things Digital got a scoop about a new home page coming to Twitter. This makes perfect sense. Try this: log out of your account and look at and imagine how incredibly dis-interested you'd be if you had no idea what Twitter was. Click on the "Why" button and it says: "Eating soup? Research shows that moms want to know." No wonder people who haven't tried it think Twitter is dumb. Anyway, it sounds like this applies to visitors to the site, not to the homepage you see if you're logged in. We should see, or not see for those of us who're already users, the changes next week.

And to complete a trifecta of Twitter newsbytes, business owners who want to put the service to work might want to read Twitter 101, and in particular the "Best Practices" page. If you're interested enough in Twitter to be reading this post then you probably don't need a 101 course, but may want to pass the link on to friends who want to leverage Twitter's power for business purposes. Do it before they irritate the Twitter community, because those people never forgive a spammy transgression!

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