JRuby guys jumped from fear of the unknown

Earlier this week we noted that the JRuby guys (and I find it charming that they are universally referred to as "the JRuby guys") jumped ship from Sun (who had hired them specifically to improve JRuby) to Engine Yard, which offers hosting to Ruby on Rails applications. I had missed the money quote from Charles Nutter, one of said guys: "To be honest, we had no evidence that Oracle wouldn't support JRuby, but we also didn't have any evidence that they would." Tim Anderson over at the ITJobBlog spins some of the same speculation that's emerged from my own brain, namely that Oracle won't support projects like this, Sun's support of projects like this is part of the reason they failed to stay independent in the first place, etc.

Still, while the move was obviously based on suspicions on the Java guys part, it's true that they (and we) just don't have any information to work with. I think most people tend to believe that no news, in the end, is bad news, but it's true that Oracle and Sun by law cannot talk about future directions of the company until the merger is complete. So, here's a question posed to you out there in the Java community: What could Oracle do, legally, that would assuage any anxiety you might be feeling during this lame duck period? Are you acting differently now than you would if you had better information, and if so, how?

This story, "JRuby guys jumped from fear of the unknown" was originally published by JavaWorld.

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