Apple event scheduled for 9/9/09 - Beatles Day!

So the fall Apple event has a date: September 9. 9/9/09. And it is going to be focused on music, according to All Things Digital. Does that date ring a bell? If you're a boomer, you might know that Sept. 9th, 2009 is the date that the digitally remastered Beatles albums are going to be released. If you're a gamer, you know that the same date is when The Beatles: Rock Bank is hitting stores.

In short, Sept. 9th seems to be Beatles Day, and Apple is holding a music-focused event. Hmmm. Think they'll trot Paul and Ringo out on stage, like Microsoft did to open it's E3 presser? More awkward banter? Best guess: 9/9/09 is when you'll be able to buy these newly remastered albums from iTunes. Maybe we'll see a new iPod Touch with a Beatles motif of some sort?

What we won't see, apparently, is any hint of an iTablet. The 2010 rumors seem to be on the money. My guess? September 9th is about a refreshed iPod lineup, a new version of iTunes, and the Fab 4.

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