Confirmed H1N1 cases at PAX

This past weekend, gamers and geeks from all across the country converged on Seattle for the annual Penny Arcade Expo (aka PAX). From all reports much fun was had by most of the attendees.

It's a kind of dark joke that whenever you go to any kind of huge convention like this, you wind up getting sick. So many people packed in one place for extended periods, lots of handshaking, not enough sleep – it just seems like bugs really thrive under those conditions.

At PAX, the situation has taken on a slightly more serious tone, as PAX officials have reported some confirmed cases of H1N1 (Swine Flu) at the show. They're maintaining a list of flights (bottom of the page) out of Seattle that had confirmed cases on-board.

Here is the list as of the time of this writing:

Departed Sunday:

  • Alaska Airlines #664, Seattle to Dallas, Departed Sunday Night
  • JetBlue #498, Seattle to Boston, Departed Sunday Night
  • United #958, Seattle to Chicago, Departed Sunday Morning

Departed Monday:

  • Alaska Airline #12, Seattle to Boston, Departed Monday Morning
  • American Airlines #1414, Seattle to St. Louis, Departed Sunday Afternoon
  • American Airlines #1162, St. Louis to Chicago
  • Delta #1050, Seattle to Atlanta, Departed Monday Morning
  • Horizon #2475, Seattle to Santa Rosa, Departed Monday Afternoon
  • Northwest #154, Seattle to Minneapolis, Departed Monday Super Early morning
  • Southwest #1221, Seattle to Salt Lake City, Departed Monday Night
  • United #356, Seattle to Denver, Departed Monday Afternoon
  • US Airways #685, Seattle to Phoenix, Departed Monday Morning
  • US Airways #156, Phoenix to St. Louis

Departed Tuesday:

  • Frontier #432, Seattle to Denver, Departed Tuesday Morning
  • Virgin #755, Seattle to San Francisco, Departed Tuesday Afternoon

So if you were at PAX, or were in Seattle and flew out on one of these flights, and you're feeling poorly, first check the symptoms and if they match how you're feeling, you should probably treat this a bit more seriously than your average conference crud. Give your doctor a call, just to be sure.

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