Chrome Netbook Operating System By Christmas?

Will Santa bring good girls and boys the new netbook operating system from Google?

One of the tidbits author Jerri Ledford told me during my interview to get information for the Daily Tip entry Chrome Tips and Tricks for Better Browsing was that she felt Google's Chrome operating system would be on netbooks by Christmas. Yes, that's Chrome the OS supporting Chrome the browser. A bit confusing, but if Chrome the OS is as good as Chrome the browser, we'll be happy.

Add to that note a roundup from eWeek 10 Reasons Why Chrome OS Will Outshine Nokia, Linux on netbooks, and we're getting some serious Chrome OS hype started. I know Google wants to beat Microsoft in some areas, but I really hoped “hype monger” was not one of those contested titles.

Of course, Google could certainly have a Chrome OS version ready to go for various netbook manufacturers who want to play along. If they do start shipping a Chrome-enabled netbook by November for the holiday season, then they aren't hype mongering, they're telling the truth. That alone would be a good point of demarcation between them and Microsoft, at least for announcing honest ship dates.

Would you try a Chrome OS netbook? It's based on Linux, so you don't have to do everything online any more than you have to do with an XP powered netbook. Open Office, the productivity suite I'm using to type this right now, on a Linux system, works the same whether running in Windows or Linux. Load Chrome, load Open Office, get to work.

Just a thought: netbooks fit into many standard sized Christmas stockings.

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