Kevin Rose launches WeFollow Twitter directory.

Another day, another Twitter-related website. This one may be a bit different though, just because it comes from Kevin Rose, he of Digg fame. WeFollow bills itself as a "User Powered Twitter Directory." What does that mean? It means Twitter users can enter themselves in the directory by tagging themselves with up to three hashtags.

The format as of right now (Rose just launched this literally moments ago and calls it "very beta") is:

@wefollow #yourtag #yourtag #yourtag

Replace '#yourtag' w/the tags you'd like to be listed under, example: #blogger - max 3 tags. Please tweet any bugs you encounter with the hashtag #wfbugs.

Search on WeFollow is by these tags (only, at this point) which makes the directory of limited use for finding your friends, but lots of use for finding the 'big names' of twitter. Given any tag, Twitterers are listed by descending number of followers, so the chance that we mere mortals will end up anywhere near the front of a common tag listing (#web, for instance) is pretty slim.

Of course, groups could put the service to use by deciding on non-obvious and/or unique hash tags ahead of time. I think I'll go start #itworld_bloggers and see how that works out.

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