Shazam launches BlackBerry music recognition app

Music recognition service Shazam has launched an app for BlackBerry handsets that allows users to quickly identify music tracks and even send the title and artist info to their friends with the touch of a button.

As soon as the Shazam on BlackBerry app, which is available from RIM's BlackBerry App World, is opened, the handset can be held up in front of music playing to identify a track.

According to Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher, this process takes 10 seconds rather than the average 20 seconds it takes to use the service in the standard way, which involves dialling 2580, waiting for the call to connect and then holding the phone up to music.

Once the song has been identified, the track name and artist information - known as a 'tag' - is sent straight to the user's phone, along with album artwork. The app even lets handset owners send this information to their friends by email, text or BlackBerry messaging, as well as access other related content including track and album reviews and lyrics.

Other functions include the ability to purchase the track through AmazonMP3, although users will be directed to the Amazon site to do this, as well as access a list of recommendations based on the track they 'tagged'. It will also find out the top 20 tracks that have been tagged by users in their country.

"With Shazam now available on BlackBerry smartphones, users will gain access to a truly unique and enhanced music journey that will change the way music lovers experience mobile music," said Fisher.

Shazam has already launched apps for Apple's iPhone and the T-Mobile G1 - the first handset to run on Google's Android platform. However Shazam on BlackBerry includes features not available on the other two handsets, such as recommendations and top 20 charts.

The app is available to download on a 60-day free trial. Once the trial period has expired, users can pay a one-off 5 fee that allows them unlimited use of the service and its features. Alternatively users can get 5 free tags a month if they don't upgrade the app, but they are unable to access the other features in the app.

This story, "Shazam launches BlackBerry music recognition app" was originally published by PC Advisor (UK).

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