Fax a Few for Free

I'm not a big fax fan, but many businesses still live and breathe faxing. Some of this is tradition, along with the mistaken notion that faxes provide the only way to electronically send signed documents (no longer true). But, if your customer wants a fax, you need to send them a fax. MyFax, one of the leading Web faxing companies, now makes that easy with MyFax Free.

Consider this a freemium service, or a drug dealer's offer of “the first one's free.” MyFax stays in business, even though some of consider faxes a quaint leftover of the 1980s before e-mail really got rolling. And there have been free e-mail to fax Web sites for awhile, but none with the fax history and technical foundation of MyFax.

Actually, MyFax is much nicer than your drug dealer (speaking hypothetically, of course, since no geeks really have time or money for illegal drugs, right?). Their MyFax Free offer allows you to send two faxes a day, 10 pages or less, to 41 countries around the world without setting up an account or providing a credit card number. Need to send that one form to the country government tax office, and you don't want to drive a piece of paper to the FedEx Kinko's? Now you can MyFax it for free, and you don't have to waste paper printing the form.

If you become a fax fanatic, you'll be happy to learn MyFax's prices seem much lower than I remember. Could be faulty memory or a price reduction, but either way, you can sign up for a package of 100 sent and 200 received faxes starting at $10 per month. If you can make a couple more small sales during a month using a fax, $10 is a pretty small price to pay.

Of course, free is good. Free services as an introduction to a quality service is even better.

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