Twitter tidbits: site changes, Flickr integration, and a marriage proposal!

Here are three quick Twitter newsbytes for today.

First, has revamped its Following & Followers pages. Both pages now offer Expanded and List views. The Expanded view shows a person's Twitter username, real name, location, and last Tweet, including time stamp. The Following page also lets you @reply to, unfollow, or block a person from the page, while the Followers page allows all that and adds a Direct Message option. The Followers page also shows you which people you are Following back and let's you easily Follow those you aren't. The List view removes the tweet and timestamp and compacts the display while maintaining the other options.

Handy stuff, but there's still no way to sort these lists (as a start I'd like alphabetical and chronological according to last Tweet time stamp) and show more than twenty per page. Still, it's hard to complain considering the price.

Next up is Flickr2Twitter, which allows you to link your Flickr and Twitter accounts. You can upload an image to Flickr via email and have a Tweet automatically generated, or pick Twitter as your 'blogging platform' for existing images on your Flickr account. I guess the folks at Flickr were becoming alarmed by the growth of Twitter-dedicated sites like TwitPic and YFrog. TechCrunch has more details on this new Flickr feature.

And the last bit of Twitter news is about the successful marriage proposal tweeted from Drew Olanoff (of #blamedrewscancer) to Sarah Cooley.

He said:

I #BlameDrewsCancer for asking @sarahcooley to marry me on Twitter...and for the impending parental smackdown for doing so.

And she replied:

@drew yes. And I #blamedrewscancer on the smack down too ;)

Check out this Mashable post for the details on the #blamedrewscancer hashtag.

Here's wishing Drew and Sarah a long and happy cancer-free life together.

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