The White House Goes Web

If you ever doubted the power of new marketing models using the Web, e-mail, and text messages, get over that now. The Washington Post reports in their story “Under Obama, Web Would Be the Way,” how the president-elect will continue to use the huge mailing list developed during the campaign to connect directly to supporters. Previous presidents could only use expensive direct mail to speak to their supporters without going through the traditional media, but Obama plans to keep open the direct communication link that served him so well during the campaign.

My favorite line in the story? Obama's mailing list of over 10 million supporters was deemed so valuable it was briefly offered as collateral for a loan. The campaign didn't need the loan, it turned out, but imagine how list-centric marketing consultants are going to flog that tidbit.

Reaching supporters directly will be key for Obama as he fights the right-wing media that will be using traditional audience outreach. The Los Angeles Times story “Right-wing Media Feeds Its Post-election Anger” details how Rush Limbaugh is already blaming Obama for the current recession. Yes, blaming the guy not yet in office for the recession brewing for the last 12 to 18 months. Wonder what type of illegal pills Limbaugh is popping now? (Don't get mad at me, look up his conviction record).

Politics aside, there's never been a better example of the value of modern marketing for businesses small and large. Using an e-mail list as collateral for a loan? Who would have thought of that a year ago?

If your customer contact methods still rely on a static Web site and an ad in the phone directory, get modern. When the Web helps elect presidents, it can certainly help you find some new customers.

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