Is Windows Vista Like Windows 2000 or Windows ME?

Windows ME was the last gasp of the Windows 9x model. It came out seven months after Windows 2000, but failed miserably while Windows 2000 provided a nice upgrade from Windows 98, and a quick stepping stone to Windows XP, Microsoft's most popular and well received OS ever.

Or is Vista really Windows 2000? Win2k came out a year and a half before Windows XP and bridged the gap between 9x and XP, reworking the kernel and linking tightly to Active Directory, enabling Microsoft to kick the last chance of a Novell NetWare revival out the door.

Windows 2000 could be called a stopgap business operating system easing the market toward Windows XP. If so, I have to give credit to Microsoft. I still use Windows 2000 on an old laptop I use for presentations because there's only 256MB of RAM in that small, portable, Pentium III laptop. With Windows 2000, it works fine and does all I need.

So is Microsoft way clever and using Windows Vista like Windows 2000, to bridge to something much better? Or is Vista a giant mistake like Windows ME?

Time, and Microsoft's approach to Windows 7, will tell.

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