Computer Marketing Secrets that Attract Great Clients

Are you starting a computer-related business and you’re not sure how to build a solid computer marketing plan?

When you first start out marketing your business, you need to make sure you know exactly which type of small business owners you are trying to reach and come up with a targeted marketing message. This means you need to think about the characteristics of your ideal prospective clients and figure out how you can best reach them.

If you are just getting started, you might feel overwhelmed when you realize there are as many as 30 computer marketing tasks you can do as a business owner. You should make a list of all the possibilities and then find four or five that appeal to you most. The main thing to remember is that you must diversify. Never put all of your eggs in one basket. You should always have a few different computer marketing campaigns running at all times.

The following 3 tips can help you design a computer marketing plan that will work with your unique business and bring you the best prospects, customers and clients.

(1) Consider Your Many Computer Marketing Options. Think about which marketing strategies you can use and consider how they would work to grow your specific business. Some of the tactics to consider include outbound telemarketing; targeted direct postcard or letter mailings where you send a set number of postcards/letters to a targeted group and do a follow-up a few weeks later; B2B trade shows in your area; expos or industry events; organizational marketing; seminars you host yourself or co-host with trusted business advisers or partners. There are many other creative options you can select, so think about how you can best reach your target audience.

(2) Diversify and Track Your Marketing Campaigns. One of the most important characteristics of a great computer marketing plan is that it is diverse. Again, never spend your entire annual marketing budget on a single campaign. You want to hit different areas and then figure out a way you can track and measure what you’re doing. Figure out how much time and money you are investing in each campaign and which type of leads you are getting as a direct result of your investment. Basically, you need to figure out which marketing strategies work and which do not so you can do more of those that are working and eliminate what just isn’t bringing in business.

(3) Evaluate Your Marketing Results Each Quarter. No matter which computer marketing strategies and campaigns you choose, you need to give each one a chance to generate results. This means that, in most cases, you need stick with each campaign for at least two to three months to see how it develops. Once the quarter is over, stick with the campaigns that worked and abandon those that did not. Then add a couple new campaigns to the mix, so that you're constantly testing out new client-attraction strategies. Remember that marketing is an on-going, evolutionary process that will be refined over time.

In this article, we talked about 3 ways to develop a strong computer marketing plan that will help you build a solid client list. Learn more about how you can build a great computer marketing plan that gets you steady, high-paying clients now at

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