Defeat the Windows Monopoly, Teach Your Kids Linux

Fight the monopoly domination of operating systems and applications.

Teach your kids Linux. You, too, can fight the power.

It remains such a stereotype that kids learn to program VCRs while

their parents still have trouble setting the VCR clock, let alone

learning to program the machines. Kids learn quickly, and the so-called

high technology doesn't seem to stump kids at all. I know my four-year-

old can recognize the cancel button on dialog windows and she cannot

even read yet.

Kids don't seem to have much problems with Windows, launching programs,

and moving the mouse. So, take advantage of the great learning ability

of kids and teach them Linux. As they grow, they will be familiar with

Linux and hopefully won't want to use Windows as they grow.

To help teach kids how to use Linux, you might want to start with a

desktop environment such as GNOME or KDE and then add in some age-

appropriate games. You can find links to a number of Linux games at and

One program stands out for teaching kids on computers, GCompris.

GCompris provides a learning game for children that includes a number

of simple games intended more for the younger set than those who enjoy

Quake or Civilization. The games teach children numbers, shapes, and

telling time, although some of the games concentrate on algebra for

older kids.

Games are built on top of boards, which use the GTK Canvas widget.

GCompris comes with a number of boards, described at GCompris is named

after the French phrase j'ai compris, which means "I have understood".

The game supports a number of languages.

Download GCompris from SourceForge at A full

manual is available at

Hey, what better way to defeat the Windows monopoly than to train your

kids how to use Linux?

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