Does Ragnarok for Loki Spell Doom for Linux Games?

Loki Software has gone under. Loki made quite a name for itself as one

of the main companies porting popular Windows games to Linux, including

Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns and Tribes 2. Sadly, though, Loki ceased

operation at the end of January, 2002.

This news surely will generate more claims that Linux won't make it on

the desktop, which is also sad. Linux has been steadily improving on

the desktop for some years now, including the availability of games.

There remain a good number of companies making games for Linux,

although most make games for Windows or MacOS as well.

In addition, a huge number Linux games are available free-of-charge.

Just a partial list appears at

license=free as part of the Linux Game List. If you omit the "license-

equals-free" parameter, you get a larger list of games for Linux,

including commercial ones, that is, go to This includes slightly over 200


In addition to running games natively on Linux, you can use Windows-

compatibility packages such as WINE (at to run

Windows games on Intel-based Linux systems. The WINE application

database lists the status of many games under WINE starting at, where you select

game categories. Note that for many games, such as Civilization III,

you will see a list of problems and perhaps some hints for working

around the problems.

TransGaming ( offers an enhanced version of

WINE, called WineX, for running Windows games on Linux. You can see a

list of supported Windows games at

In addition to losing a company focused on Linux desktop products, the

loss of Loki also highlights the number of open source projects Loki

used to host. Loki certainly proved to be a good corporate citizen in

the Linux world. Many of the free projects that used to be hosted by

Loki are now at Some of the projects include a

port of the game Aliens vs. Predator, and other goodies, mostly game-

related programming libraries.

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