Hot desking in paradise: 11 exotic coworking locations

Coworking spaces are popping up all over the world, giving remote workers a chance to get their work done in some unusual places

Picture of an exterior patio at Hubud coworking space in Bali, Indonesia

Remote working is increasingly becoming an option for workers, particularly those in the tech industry. However, with the ability to work remotely comes the ability to choose where to get your work done. Coworking spaces are an attractive alternative to working from home for many, offering the amenities of an office and the social benefits of working among other people. These spaces are popping up in countries around the world, giving remote workers the chance to ply their trades for a few hours, days, weeks or even longer from almost anywhere. If you’re aching to see more of the world, while still getting work done, here are 11 coworking spaces in some of the more exotic locations around the globe.

Picture of people working by the pool at WORK Saigon

WORK Saigon

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Special features/amenities: Located in the city formerly known as Saigon, a small coworking space targeted to creatives. Also doubles as a cafe serving single-origin coffees and homemade goods such as breads, soups and cakes. Coworking residents get discounts on food and access to the courtyard swimming pool.

Costs: VND 2,000,000 ($94)/month for a guaranteed desk and locker; drop-ins can work for free with food or beverage purchase at cafe

Quote: “Ideal office away from my homebase in the US. Creative spirit and productive working environment... plus a killer passion fruit fizz and a pool!” Kyle Pfister

Picture of a chessboard at The Box Jelly offices

The Box Jelly

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii


Special features/amenities: Hawaii’s first coworking space, located in an office space shared with sister company Fishcake, a home furnishing store and gallery.

Costs: $15/day, $199/month (flexible desk), $349/month (fixed desk)

Quotes: “I thoroughly enjoyed the start-up atmosphere, the layout of the interior spaces, the vibe and privacy of their conference rooms (which came in very handy for client meetings), and the friendliness of all those who choose to hang there.” Luciana Misi

“... you can tell The Box Jelly is focused on community and development of an early tech scene here in Hawaii.” Travis Ryan

Picture of a room with bean bag chairs and a flat screen TV at the Jerusalem Startup Hub offices

Jerusalem Startup Hub

Location: Jerusalem, Israel


Special features/amenities: Located in one of the oldest cities in the world and one considered holy by Christians, Jews and Muslims. This startup incubator offers access to legal assistance, mentors, venture capital firms and angel investors, as well as desks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for individual workers. Also provides personal lockers and unlimited beverages.

Costs: NIS 75 ($22)/day, NIS 350 ($100)/week, NIS 900 - 1,150 ($258 - $330)/month

Quote: “Great place !” Yossi Assayag

Picture of a working at a laptop at Hubud offices, overlooking a rice paddy


Location: Bali, Indonesia


Special features/amenities: Located in Bali’s creative capital amid rice paddies and next to a monkey preserve. The interior space is made from sustainable materials including bamboo and recycled ironwood. Includes an organic cafe with smoothies, a granola station and gluten-free desserts.

Costs: Between $20 and $250/month, depending on level of access

Quotes: “I've worked in a shared environment before. But this one is the one of a kind….” Eric Tracz

“Awesome work space in Bali…. You'll often get a monkey visiting from across the road!” Max Bramwell

Picture of a table with American and European electrical connections at Urban Station offices in Buenos Aires

Urban Station

Location: Multiple branches in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Special features/amenities: Five current locations in Buenos Aires, offering lockers, laptop locks, ergonomic furniture and both American and European electrical connections. Also includes unlimited coffee services, including pastries, breads and fruits.

Costs: EUR 3 ($4)/hour, EUR 200 ($266)/month

Quotes: “Beautiful place ... with style .... very smart .... excellent lighting ... !!!” Nadia Toledo

“Very good place for business meetings, good weather, quiet, you can talk to. Good price, I totally recommend it.” Rodolfo Gómez

Picture of drawers of Legos at Enspiral Space offices

Enspiral Space

Location: Wellington, New Zealand


Special features/amenities: This coworking space which is dedicated to tech startups, non-profits and freelancers with an ethical/social focus, is located a few blocks Wellington’s Waterfront. The space offers a Lego room and afternoon tea every Tuesday at 4:00.

Costs: NZD 40 ($34)/day, NZD 375 ($316)/month (hot desk), NZD 450 ($380)/month (fixed desk)

Quote: “The room is open plan with a high ceiling and exposed timber. Bookshelves keep the space from being overwhelming, but it is very open. A range of people from small firms are permanently here, with some freelancers or those who come in a day a week. Things are never dull.” Josh Forde

Picture from inside the Punspace offices looking out through the open walls to the street


Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand


Special features/amenities: Located in NomadList’s best city for remote workers, and just minutes from the shops restaurants and bars of Chiang Mai’s Nimman neighborhood. Offers a Skype room as well as free coffee, tea, water and snacks.

Costs: THB 199 ($6)/day, THB 1,499 ($47)/week, THB 3,499 ($110)/month.

Quotes: “It’s a great working space with a mix of people from local Thai working on tech startups to people from all over the world….” Max

“Great place to work, filled great people, beers in the fridge. 3 key ingredients for any workplace.” Adam McIntyre

Picture of The Common Room offices, showing the furniture made from recycled packing crates

The Common Room

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa


Special features/amenities: Located in a northern suburb of Johannesburg, includes a quiet room with partitioned workspaces, as well an open work areas. Also features a room with a wood burning fireplace. All furniture is made from recycled shipping crates.

Costs: ZAR 50 ($5)/hour, ZAR 140 ($13)/day. Offers a wide variety of pricing plans for longer term access.

Quote: “Awesome spot for freelancers, start ups, entrepreneurs and pretty much anyone looking for a fun place to work !!!” Jo Coza

Picture of hanging chairs at A_Space offices


Location: Manila, Philippines


Special features/amenities: Located in Makati City, the financial center of the Philippine capital. The interior is filled with custom made designer furniture, including hanging chairs. Also offers vinyl record players, a small indoor garden, an at gallery and a snack bar.

Costs: PHP 100 ($2)/hour, PHP 1,000 ($23)/day

Quotes: “Cool vibe, perfect ambiance and atmosphere, plus, hanging chairs!” Sheryl Tan

“They had some free yoga sessions going on when we co-worked there. Good Internet. Good coffee.” Ari Bancale

“Best workplace I have ever been. Its not all work, its also FUN here!” Khaleen Catreina Yuxien Porras

Picture of the Piloto 151 office space

Piloto 151

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico


Special features/amenities: Located in the historic Old San Juan district of the city, right next to City Hall with a view of the Plaza de Armas. Has lots of open space, including three outdoor patios and two lounges, and a fully equipped kitchen with free local coffee.

Costs: $14.99/day, $249/month (shared office), $349/month (personal workstation). Also offers 5 and 10-day passes ($59.99 and $99.99).

Quotes: “Piloto is a great space with a helpful staff. The area is open, modern, and comfortable.” Froilan Irizarry

“Best coworking space in Puerto Rico” Daniel Santiago

Picture of green couches at Mindpark offices


Location: Helsingborg, Sweden


Special features/amenities: Located in an old factory in one of Sweden’s oldest cities, next to IKEA corporate headquarters. Interior designer Niklas Madsen gave the space and furnishings a unique design and feel. The facility also includes a hackerspace and a cafe which serves fair trade food and beverages.

Costs: SEK 1,800 - 2,500 ($263 - $366)/month for a desk, SEK 6,900 ($1,009)/month for an office

Quotes: “Cool rooms filled with students and entrepreneurs in a wonderful mix. One can get a meeting room for a day or a cup of coffee, go to a lecture on the stairs and invite a colleague to lunch.” Anders Larsson