5 top tips for Windows 10

Here's how to get more out of the next generation of Windows

Got Windows 10 installed and want to get more out of it? I've got five great tips for you.

Turn on the Start Menu

After you install Windows 10, you may or may not see the new Start Menu. This is particularly true if you installed it in a virtual machine using VirtualBox. (Check out "No-hassle way to install Windows 10 with VirtualBox" for details about how to do it.) To turn on the Menu, right-click the taskbar and select Properties -->Start Menu. Then select "Use the Start Menu instead of the Start screen." You'll have to log out of Windows 10, and then back in again. Once you do that, the Start Menu will be there.

Resize the Start Menu

Want to make the Start Menu larger or smaller? It's simple to do. Move your mouse to the top of the menu until the mouse pointer turns into a double-headed arrow. Then drag it in the direction where you want it to grow or shrink.

Drag tiles from the Start Menu onto the desktop

The desktop in Windows 10 can have shortcuts not just to desktop apps, but to Metro apps as well. There's a simple way to put the Metro shortcuts there: Just drag any tile onto the desktop from the Start Menu. The shortcut will appear on the desktop, but will also remain on the Start Menu.

Put the Recycle Bin on the taskbar and Start Menu

Tired of having to minimize everything to get to the desktop in order to find the Recycle Bin? There's no need to do that any more -- you can put it on the taskbar and on the Start Menu. To do it, right-click the Recycle Bin, then choose "Pin to Start." Then right-click its icon on the Start Menu and choose "Pin to taskbar." If you want to keep it on the taskbar, but remove it from the Start Menu, right-click it on the Start Menu again and select "Remove from Start."

Make the Start Menu look like Windows 7's

Want to go really old-school? You can make the Start Menu look like Windows 7's. It's simple to do once you realize how the Windows 10 Start Menu is organized. The left-hand side of it looks like the Windows 7 Start Menu, with a search bar, links to Documents, Pictures, individual apps, and so on. The right side has all the live tiles and Metro apps. So to make the Start Menu look like Windows 7's, right-click every tile and app on its right side and select "Unpin from Start."

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