How to download and burn YouTube video to DVD –

Most of us go to Youtube website to watch Youtube videos. But have you thought about downloading videos from Youtube and watch them on your mobile players or TV ? The following are the two steps to get the job done:

1. Download YouTube Video using free online converter or free tools;

2. Burn YouTube video to DVD.

Part1. Free download YouTube video to computer

Step1. Open this website: .It's a free online FLV converter.

Step2. Then go to YouTube and find a video that you loved. Copy the URL that in the Red box. Like this format:


Step3. Paste your video file URL to the input box (figure as follow), choose the right format you want. If you want to edit the video, AVI is a good choice. And MP4 is fit for iPod, PSP, Zune, Apple TV and other MP4 players. This online converter also can rip audio to MP3. Then wait for the conversion. After it is finished, you will see a link “Download the converted video”, click this link and save the final video on your computer.


Part2. How to convert and burn YouTube video (FLV) to DVD

Because DVD is MPEG-2 video, your downloaded youtube video is flv video, you have to convert the youtube video to DVD format at first, otherwise regular DVD player can't read and play it. FlashOnTV is one of the few apps that can get the job done. What’s good about this app is that it can burn FLV and SWF movies to DVDs with real DVD menus. And here is the FlashOnTV free download link, it's about 10.7 MB. The following are the 4 steps to use this software:

Step1. Click button “Add”on the top left to add SWF or FLV (YouTube) movies. See the screenshot below:


Step2. Click “Next” on the bottom right to preprocess the added Flash movies. The purpose of preprocessing is to convert SWF files to FLV format. I think this is because this app only directly burns FLV movies to DVD. So it will convert SWF movies to FLV movies before burning, and the status of each added FLV movie will be considered as (preprocessing) completed. See the screenshot below:


Step3, Click the Next button to design DVD menu. A DVD menu consists of different elements including frames, buttons and texts. From the drop-down list, you can select a menu template, movie frame(s) and buttons, and edit the texts on your menu template. You may also add a background image and background music. On the menu, each movie will be put in a frame, so you can use your remote control to select any movies you want to play after they are burned to a DVD. if you have quite a few movies, you could select a menu template with more frames. See the screenshot below:


Step4. Click “Next” to get prepared to burn your movies to DVD. At this last step, you can check the default settings to see if you want to use them. If not, you can just change the settings and click Start to start burning. See the screenshot below:



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