Wedding 2.0: When weddings go geek

Amanda Grainger is deep into "planning a wedding geek-style." What does this mean, exactly? On her blog, she breaks it down like this: In addition to attempting to plan the wedding entirely online, some of the Web 2.0 elements on her list include: "A projector or TV screen with a Twitter stream of common terms that interest us, a slideshow is a given, and the wedding hashtag is a possibility." And she's "working out the logistics" of live streaming the ceremony.

geek wedding favor

Photo by Wookiee

Oh there's more, lots more...

Rings - you bet

Cakes - of course

Favors - Surely you can do better than a binary mouse pad. Slashdot has some suggestions.

Weddings in RuneScape - for better or worse

Need more inspiration? See "The Ultimate Planning Guide For Any Geeky Bride"

And Amanda is far from alone, as a quick Google search on the topic "geek wedding" will attest. The simple truth is that wedding planning holds plenty of geek-appeal -- it doesn't have to be all poetry and roses. All you really need is a touch of creativity. Heck, you could kick the whole thing off with a Slashdot proposal (assuming it gets approved). 

Hey, Mr. DJ

Joe Doherty says that one geek thing he did was to be his own DJ. He got a sound system and hooked up his laptop to it, on which he had a pre-programmed playlist and a nice crossfader application. He also had a remote control that allowed him to play, pause, adjust volume and the like, as well as a volume leveler. "The added benefit," says Doherty "was that every song I wanted was played and there was no-one to make a request for the DJ."

"If I had been even more motivated," Doherty adds, "I would have hooked up a wireless mic to the computer system so I could talk at any point. At my actual reception, I had to go up to the mixer, turn down the laptop and turn up the mics."

For the very personal geek touch, though, you really need to write a song and perform it for your new bride, as Doherty did. Of course, it helps if she's an XBox fanatic:

I love to see you sitting there, comfortably in your chair
An XBox controller in your hand
Drinking your tea and looking up at me
I realize how fortunate I am

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