Gadget Gifts for Geek Girls: 15 Creative Ideas

Cool gadgets she's probably not expecting -- but will love.

'Tis the start stressing over what to buy your wife or girlfriend. Let's face it, fellas: We rarely know what women want. The holiday season is no exception.

If you haven't picked a present by now, I'm assuming you're in the same boat as the rest of us. Not to worry, though: Help has arrived.

We've scoured the Web to find 15 fun and original gadget gift ideas for the lady in your life. These aren't the obvious things like laptops and digital cameras; there are plenty of other gift guides for that. Rather, these are creative and interesting gizmos -- things she probably wouldn't think to buy for herself, but might just end up loving.

Now, I may know a thing or two about technology. I don't even pretend, however, to understand what goes on in the mind of the fairer sex. That's why I've assembled a panel of 30 tech-loving ladies to help guide our tour and provide female perspective along the way. You'll see their thoughts and comments after each gift idea.

If something seems too cheap or too steep, hey -- it's all good. Just keep clicking. These gifts range from six bucks all the way to $200.

(Listed prices are accurate as of the time of this publication. They could very well have changed by the time you're reading this. C'est la vie.)

Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

Price: $35.50 - $49.95

Available at:,

Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

Chill out, bro -- getting a gift doesn't have to be hard. Maybe the Ravi Instant Wine Chiller is just the thing for your gal pal.

The Instant Wine Chiller chills your wine (or other favorite beverage) as you pour it, bringing the liquid from room temperature to drinking temperature in a matter of seconds. The device sits in your freezer until you're ready to use it. When you attach it to a bottle, the liquid passes through a special chamber that does the deed. A valve allows you to control just how low the temperature goes.

Pretty cool, eh?

From the Panel:

"Love this! I am a wine lover, as are most of my girlfriends. If someone stops by unannounced, no worries about having to chill the bottle first." --Jen W.

"Patience is not on my list of things to do after a long day. Sometimes a girl just wants a cold glass of Riesling without having to wait or add ice cubes." --Tori P.

"This would be great when you just want a glass of chilled white wine, but your bottle is warm and you don't feel like waiting for it to cool in the freezer. Definitely would love this as a gift." --Samantha P.

"Perfect. Now I can serve the wine a guest brings without having to make space in the freezer first." --Susan S.

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