Top 12 tech embarrassments of 2010

The year in tech had plenty of highs -- and plenty of lows. Here are 12 mortifying moments we won't soon forget.

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10. Most embarrassing security breach

And the winner is: Gawker

Having your network of blogs revenge-hacked, your personal conversations posted online, and the e-mail addresses and passwords of all your users compromised? Yeah, I'd say that leaves you with some serious egg on your face.

Welcome to the list, Gawker.

11. Most embarrassing self-sabotage

And the winner is: McAfee


McAfee's job is to protect your PC from threats -- so earlier this year, when one of the company's virus scan updates caused hundreds of thousands of computers to crash, something seemed more than a bit askew.

The glitch affected Windows XP systems running McAfee's VirusScan software. After installing the update, users found their PCs in ongoing reboot cycles with no end in sight. Hospitals, police agencies, 911 centers, and universities were among the many places incapacitated.

McAfee never came up with a great explanation for why its PC security software essentially attacked so many PCs. If you ask me, it sounds like the fellas forgot to activate their optional irony protection.

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