Top 12 tech embarrassments of 2010

The year in tech had plenty of highs -- and plenty of lows. Here are 12 mortifying moments we won't soon forget.

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12. Overall achievement in international embarrassment

And the winner is: Myspace

When you find yourself cringing at a company's every move, you know it's achieved an unmatchable level of embarrassment. This year, Myspace handily takes that honor.

Amidst tumbling traffic -- Myspace lost nearly half of its visitors from mid-2009 to mid-2010 -- the little-company-that-couldn't started taking increasingly desperate measures to make itself appear cool again. First came the dizzying site redesign -- a flashy mish-mosh of hubs, tiles, and tabs that looked like the result of a few too many consultants who use words like "synergy."

Then came the laughable new logo: the letters "my" followed by a black line that's supposed to represent a space. Get it? "My_____." Myspace. Yeah, I know: I honestly thought it was a joke when execs first announced it.

Somewhere in there, the site's name changed from MySpace (capital "S") to Myspace (lowercase "s"). Because certainly, if nothing else had worked, a subtle shift in capitalization should send teens scrambling back -- right?

Finally, in what can only be seen as a white-flag moment, Myspace declared it would let users sign in with their Facebook accounts and interact with their Facebook data on You know that move had to have been made with heads hanging low.

But hey, Myspace, it isn't all bad. At least you can take pride knowing you've done something right: You've officially embarrassed yourself more than any other tech company in 2010. For that, my friends, you deserve a trophy. So go ahead and clear off your mantles; you're going to need some extra _____.

Who are your embarrassment award nominees? Tell us about it in the comments.

When not calling out tech's biggest embarrassments, author JR Raphael attempts to avoid embarrassing himself. He usually fails. You can catch him on Facebook, on Twitter, or at eSarcasm, his geek-humor getaway.

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