75% of enterprises have BYOD policies; 53% support iPads

The bring your own device movement is huge. And enterprises have big plans for tablets of all description. These are two of the takeaways from some fascinating mobile stats presented by Andrew Borg, mobile analyst with the Aberdeen Group, in a webcast co-hosted by the SAP Community Network and SAP EcoHub teams.

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Sybase blogger Eric Lai watched the entire presentation. Here are the highlights:

Bring Your Own Device? It’s real. Nearly three-quarters of companies allow employee-owned smartphones and/or tablets to be used at work, according to Aberdeen data (mix of late 2010 and 2011 surveys). A quarter give employees a whitelist of allowed devices, while almost half let employees bring in and use any device.
The iPad may be huge in the enterprise (see my list), but companies are interested in tablets of all varieties, including Google Android ones like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook and HP webOS-based ones.
Companies need to plan ahead for this diversity by choosing a platform that can handle it. Unfortunately, they haven’t yet: while 80% of corporate smartphones are securely managed, only 30% of tablets are, according to Borg. That’s a problem because tablets are more likely to have sensitive corporate data.
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