Crash course: Digital steganography

You have secrets to keep? Use steganography to hide data in image or audio files.

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Check the “Wipe carrier after process” box if you want to get rid of the original.


Next, you choose the source file(s) you want to hide inside the carrier. You basically embed as many files as you like.

In order to create further “confusion”, click on “Fake files” and embed some temporary files that’ll make it even harder for anyone to spot or decrypt your sensitive information. To add another layer of security, Invisible Secrets is also capable of encrypting the embedded files using Blowfish (CBC) encryption.

At the end of the assistant, you’ll simply specify the name of the output JPG file – such as “Hawaii_01.jpg”


As you can see, despite the fact that we’ve embedded an XLS file as well as six temporary files the image doesn’t appear any different.

In order for your recipient to reveal the information, he or she needs to have Invisible Secrets and select the “Extract and/or Decrypt file(s) from a carrier” option.


Steganography using audio streams

Audio steganography focuses on adding noise or an echo that sounds like it was always meant to be in the recording. One of the more popular tools for that job is mp3stego. Instead of using the LSB technique, mp3stego hides data at the heart of any MP3 file -– the “inner loop”. (The tools developer, Fabien A.P. Peticolas, co-wrote a huge piece on steganography and its mathematic challenges.)

There are some caveats with MP3Stego: First of all, it’s a simple command line tool (though it’s easy to use and there’s also a 3rd party GUI out there). Second, it only supports simple TXT messages and the original audio stream needs to be in the WAV format.


Basically you use MP3Stego to combine your secret TXT file into a WAV file and convert it to an MP3 file -– it works and the data is next to impossible to detect, though it might not appeal to everyone.

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