Messing with Google Street Views

When people spot Google's Street View cars driving by, they do the darnedest things.

Don't Look Now! Here Comes the Google Street View Mobile

Google street img 1.jpg

Google's Street View service is a handy mapping tool but also a source of great amusement when it comes to exploring both strange and mysterious moments caught in the crosshairs of Google's Street View camera.

While PCWorld has explored everything from the odd to the unexplained, it hasn't shined a spotlight on those that enjoy messing with Google's all-seeing Street View camera when it passes by. Here is a collection of some very self-conscious people who were aware of the Google Street View camera's presence and who decided to do something crazy or stupid and definitely memorable.

Note: Google Street View updates imagery on a regular basis around the world, and some images referred to in this slideshow may not be available in the form displayed. Also, for some of the location links a Google account may be necessary for the image to appear properly.

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