Wikipedia wars: 10 biggest edit battles

We round up the most heated, most bitterly contested, and most pointless confrontations over facts in Wikipedia’s 10-year history. What makes people leap into these frays will amaze and amuse you.

War of the Words

Wiki wars 1.jpg

Almost since Wikipedia was first created in 2001, users have battled over what is the correct information that should appear on their favorite pages (any user can edit almost any Wikipedia page). These disputes--and we mean, to most of us, those over clearly trivial issues--sometimes turn into outright wars of back-and-forth edits.

Over the years, Wikipedia has tried many strategies to stamp out these wars, strategies ranging from locking down highly contested pages to creating super-editors to resolve disputes.

Despite those efforts, the Wikipedia wars and their obsessive combatants remain, ready to fight for their pet causes like modern-day, Internet-addicted Spartan warriors. We've managed to round up ten of the fiercest, most unnecessary battles Wikipedia has ever seen. Let's take a look.

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