iPad apps for book lovers

There are thousands of apps available to morph your iPad into everything from a notepad to a light saber. Some of us, though, really just want to have the most premium eReader around. And with the influx in iPad apps available for reading, interacting with, tracking, and rating books, there has never been a more exciting time to be a book lover.

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eReader apps: iBooks, Kindle, Nook, or Kobo


If you truly want your iPad to be a bona fide eReader, you must make a very important choice - iBooks , Kindle, Nook, or Kobo? All are free to download, and offer comparable features, so the choice might come down to which vendor possesses your allegiance.

Buy, browse, and sort books, magazines, and newspapers on your device. Easily look up unfamiliar words. Customize fonts, displays, and turn the page with a tap of your finger. Indulging your love of books hasn’t been this easy, or more technologically exciting since the invention of the Gutenberg Press.

Cost: Free

Good Reads app

Good Reads App

If you’re a reader, you probably already know about GoodReads, and its community. If you don’t, check it out immediately to access reviews, recommendations, and your own personalized bookshelves from a GoodReads account without opening a browser. Download its free new app with your iPhone or iPad, and connect with over 6 million other book lovers instantly.

Cost: Free

Marvel Comics app

Marvel Comics App

If you happen to be more of a Comic Book enthusiast, have no fear. Marvel Comics offers a free app that enables you to download hundreds of your favorite comic books directly onto your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Read the comics panel-by-panel, or zoom in to get a closer look at the story and artwork. Back-up all downloaded comics on your Marvel account to ensure that you don’t lose your content when the app updates.

Cost: Free

Alice for the iPad (an interactive book)

Alice in Wonderland

Prepare to experience Alice in Wonderland in a way that you never dreamt possible. Atomic Antelope leverages the abilities of the iPad to enhance the experience of this timeless classic. Tilt your iPad to watch Alice grow (or shrink), hurl tarts at the Queen of Hearts (who doesn’t want to?), and witness illustrations of some of your favorite childhood characters come to life.

Cost: $8.99

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